Building Homes

Homelessness is a serious issue worldwide and one that, in my opinion, requires a lot more attention from the community and the leaders. I can’t remember the exact statistics, but I’m certain that I read somewhere that with the number of empty houses worldwide, we would be able to comfortably house every person experiencing homelessness and end the crisis. I don’t know about you guys, but I believe if something can be done, then it should be.

A dream of mine is to start a not-for-profit company that builds homes for people in need in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. The houses would be simple but have everything a person or family needs to live comfortably and without fear of danger or the worry that they won’t have a bed to sleep in.

I’m imagining our first project now, we will be in the middle of a window frame installation, with the large number of initial home builds nearly complete. A woman and her child will be moving into one of the finished houses, and I will lock eyes with her as she walks over. She will thank our organisation for helping her family live a better life, and I will be filled with great joy to see my vision of happiness, safety and shelter for all people come to fruition. It is my dream that all humans have access to the basic human rights that they deserve, and I am overwhelmed with emotion at the thought of it.

I am aware that once the initial builds are over, that the work is not done. On a personal level, I know that our residents will need consistent care and access to opportunities to help them succeed, and on a business level I know that continual work will need to be done on the houses, for example the odd door replacement. Melbourne is a fantastic city with plenty of opportunities knocking at the door, however people need to have a door for this to be possible.

My vision is a few years away, but wow, will it make a difference to so many lives when it finally happens.