Building A New Bed

I’ve been sleeping with a mattress on the floor for the last year. This has never really bothered me, because in my opinion the mattress is your bed, regardless of where it is. But I just got a girlfriend who I really like, and she wholeheartedly disagrees with me. I obviously want to keep her …

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Building Homes

Homelessness is a serious issue worldwide and one that, in my opinion, requires a lot more attention from the community and the leaders. I can’t remember the exact statistics, but I’m certain that I read somewhere that with the number of empty houses worldwide, we would be able to comfortably house every person experiencing homelessness …

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Construction In Progress

Running a cafe isn’t rocket science, is it? That’s what everyone thinks. It’s certainly what I used to think, until recently. This whole experience of extending the commercial kitchen while hosting a full house of guests each night is not exactly a piece of cake. It’s especially not a piece of coffee-hazelnut ombre torte with …

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