Building A New Bed

I’ve been sleeping with a mattress on the floor for the last year. This has never really bothered me, because in my opinion the mattress is your bed, regardless of where it is. But I just got a girlfriend who I really like, and she wholeheartedly disagrees with me. I obviously want to keep her around and have her stay the night on occasion, so I guess I have to fix up my bed situation before it’s too late. 

I live with three housemates in a rental property in Cheltenham. Timber actually actually isn’t hard to come by here, funnily enough, because one of my housemates is a builder. So I’m going to borrow his timber and try and build myself a bed frame and bedhead. He said he could help me, but I think it would be cool if I was able to tell my girlfriend that I built this myself, for her. 

I’ve been doing research on the type of bedheads and frames that are out there, and I’m aiming to choose one which will suit my room perfectly. If I’m going to commit to this, I may as well do a good job of it. I guess my early 20s sleeping-on-the-floor vibes are over now. I guess I’m an adult – if I can successfully achieve my goal of building a bed, that is.

Yesterday I went to visit a hardware store close to Sandringham to buy myself proper tools, like a drill, hammer, nails and all that jazz. After speaking to the shop assistant, I think I’ve purchased everything I need to begin the project. I’m looking forward to starting it tomorrow. 

I’m yet to tell my girlfriend about the project. I want to surprise her when she comes over late next week with the new bedhead and frame, and hopefully win some brownie points. But in all seriousness, I hope this makes her happy because she deserves to be treated right.