Home Laundry

I’m sick of going to the laundromat every week to do my washing. It’s about three blocks away and I don’t have a car, so I carry my tubs of laundry there and then carry the heavier load home when it’s all done. I’ve honestly started growing muscles, which at the start was quite a novelty, but I’m sick of it now. The final straw was when I was walking back from the laundromat and I dropped my soaking wet but clean laundry all over the ground. It fell in the dirt and I cried. That’s when I knew I couldn’t survive without my own laundry space any longer.

The next day, I contacted people in my area seeking recommendations for a laundry renovations company. Melbourne renovators are everywhere, so it wasn’t hard for me to chat to a few different people and figure out my options. As a young person living alone, I don’t need anything massive or extravagant, I just need something to stop me having to walk to the laundromat every week. 

When speaking to the laundry designer I realised that the reason I don’t have a laundry area in the first place is because I don’t have a big enough house. She said that we’ll need to fit the washer and dryer somewhere else, and that she thinks my bathroom would be the best option. She said that I wouldn’t need any significant bathroom renovations, and that there are simple and easy ways to incorporate both a bathroom and laundry in the one space.

I really liked everything she was saying and because of that I’ve chosen her to take on the project. This is going to make my life so much easier. I’ll have to find other ways to keep my muscles growing but at least I won’t drop my clothes in the dirt anymore. This is definitely a worthy investment.