Tint My Windows!

If Alyssa doesn’t agree to have the windows of our office tinted soon, I think I’m going to lose my mind. Even though our office is right at the back of the cafe, we still have customers wandering down there all the time, especially when they’re looking for the bathroom. I’m sick of them peeking into the office and seeing all the secret Cafe Mint work I’ve got going on. Like, is it too much to ask for some privacy?

If you ask Alyssa, the answer is yes. She doesn’t want to pay for an office tinting service. Melbourne has enough tinted windows, she says. As if window tinting is a finite business! Every house and office in the world could have tinted windows for all I care. There’s no limit on the service. It’s a weird mentality, and it’s driving me crazy.

Maybe that’s the point. Maybe she’s trying to drive me crazy, so I stop trying to make decisions about the cafe. That would be typical of her. She seems to be against all my ideas. When I wanted to hire a clown to entertain the children of parents who simply want their morning coffee, she was super against that. Admittedly, it was a terrible idea, but she could at least humour me.

After all, why can’t we at least get commercial decorative window installation? It doesn’t have to be tinted. Our windows could still look nice while giving the extra privacy I want. I don’t think it’s completely unreasonable, but Alyssa won’t hear a bar of it. I know that I come up with a lot of crazy ideas, but sometimes I’m just spitballing. And sometimes I have a really good idea that would legitimately change our cafe for the better. Such as tinted glass windows for our back office! Maybe I should start a petition. If one thousand people agree that we should do it, how could she possibly argue?

Wait, no that’s another one of my terrible ideas. Why would people care whether we got tinted windows or not? Oh well, I’m sure I can think of something else.

– Melanie