Super Team

I’m putting together a super team. Something dangerous is coming, and we need to be prepared for it. I’ll gather Earth’s greatest defenders, forming the Superhero Alliance of Super Justice. Of course, it won’t be all superheroes. Every superhero team needs some normal people too. That’s why I’m starting with an old friend of mine, to help me stop Nitrous Dioxide from turning Earth into a giant intergalactic parking lot. My friend is skilled in working with steel beams suppliers Melbourne wide, so I think he’ll be able to help us build a base to resist the intergalactic overlord who wants to destroy our way of life.

Yes, I’m aware that Dioxide won the right to turn Earth into a parking lot fair and square, but I’m not going to stand around waiting for my world to be the parking spot for spaceships everywhere. That doesn’t sound like fun. Which is why I’m making this resistance. I’ve got all sorts of people lined up to join, and hopefully I can interest them with my proposal.

If this team is going to work, we desperately need a steel fabrication specialist. Melbourne doesn’t stand a chance without one. I know most superhero teams consist of super strong brutes and technological geniuses, but the craftsman will be crucial for this one. When Nitrous Dioxide starts bringing his metal supplies to build the giant parking lot, our master of metal will know how to deal with them. We’ll be able to sabotage the construction, attacking weak points. Otherwise we’ll just be going in like barbarians and destroying whatever we see, even if it’s to the detriment of Earth.

You see, I’m not treating this like a traditional Marble superheroes action movie. We may have superheroes on our side, but this will play out more like a heist. Everything will be meticulously planned to get the job done with minimum damages, other than those we planned to cause. It’s a new way of saving the day. You’ll thank me later.

– Nicolas Calm