Painting Cafe Mint?

I can’t believe it. Melanie actually had a good idea today. She has been bombarding me with all these ideas over the last few weeks, and none of them have been any good. I asked her to stop, but she said she’s just brainstorming and will come up with something good eventually.

Of course, I didn’t think it would ever happen. She suggested we turn all the tables around, replace the regular lighting with candles and lanterns to increase the “atmosphere”, and said that we should stop being a cafe and just turn into a restaurant. All terrible ideas.

Today, however, she stumbled upon something truly genius. “What if we got a commercial painting service and changed the cafe’s colour palette?” Holy. Guacamole. Why hadn’t we thought of that before? We own the building, so there are no restrictions whatsoever. Ever since we bought it, we have stuck with the black paint on the outside and red (almost crimson) on the inside. It has served us well, attracting the hipster and millennial crowd, but it doesn’t necessarily feel like it says “Cafe Mint”. So I think it’s time we did some rebranding, baby! 

It would probably be best if we hired an internal and exterior painter near the Melbourne area, helping a local business. I’m thinking the internal wall should be a mint green (shocker), with the exterior wall a soft brown. Or maybe it should be the other way around? Mint green on the outside may attract more customers, and then they can be soothed by the nice earthy tones when they enter the cafe. 

I’m not going to lie, I’m actually really excited about this. It makes the weeks of suffering from Melanie’s brainstorming almost worth it. Maybe I should start brainstorming by saying every thought that comes to my head while in earshot of her. Apparently, it works quite well.

Time to get in contact with a professional painter and finalise our plans.

– Alyssa