Boat Engagement Gift

My fiance is really into boating but doesn’t own a boat. We recently got engaged and as an engagement present, I want to buy him one. I’m fairly way off thanks to an extremely high paying job in a niche market and so money is no object. I’m envisaging the both of us spending summers on this boat for the years to come, so I’m happy to invest quite a bit into it. The only issue is, I don’t know anything about boats. I’m assuming it is best to buy a brand new one, but you know what they say about assuming things. 

I’ve listened to my fiance speak about boats for the last few years, and so I have a vague idea about the features he’d like on his boat. The first thing he wants on his boat are bow rails so that he can go fishing every time he takes the boat out. He absolutely loves fishing, which he got from his dad. Whilst I don’t really care for it, I care about him, and so the boat must have bow rails. Personally, I’d like it to have an area at the back that we can jump off and eat cheese platters together, so I’ll be making sure the boat has that too. 

To keep his equipment safe, I’m also going to make sure that the boat has snapper racks. Around Melbourne, the ocean can get pretty rough and I would hate for his rods to get damaged because he couldn’t store them properly. Everything on the boat must be perfect for him. I love him so much and I want this boat to be a reminder of my love for the years to come. 

I’m really looking forward to marrying the love of my life, and before that giving him the best engagement present ever. We’re going to spend many happy years together on this boat, and maybe we’ll even take our kids out on it one day. The world is our oyster.