Cafe Holiday

There’s nothing like a bit of annual leave to reset and find your zen again. With all the recent chaos at Cafe Mint, I needed to get away and let my hair down. Hopefully, Melanie can keep our small business thriving while I travel across the country for a couple of weeks. With a bit of rest and relaxation, I should come back with plenty of new ideas for us to try out.

I chose to travel across Queensland with my partner so that I could do a little bit of work research as well. Our priority is to see the sights and have a great time, but I figured there’s no harm in visiting the state’s most famous cafes along the way. I’m typing this from a quaint little shop while our car is at a mechanic in the Underwood area. Fring Cafe, where I’m sipping on a nice peppermint tea and eating a vanilla slice, is just as good as the locals say. I’ll write some ideas in my notebook for Cafe Mint, then get back on the road soon. The mechanic said the repairs shouldn’t take any longer than two hours.

The other day we did the theme parks on the Gold Coast, which were simply incredible. I can’t say I recommend the food at any of them though. You know how it is, when they have thousands of customers every day. There’s no love or care put into it. It’s sad to see, but I guess that’s just a necessity of the location. I’ll take the tea and desserts at a real cafe while I get repairs for my car brakes any day, though.

Melanie wasn’t so sure about my holiday plans, but I think she was just being dramatic. She’s completely capable of running the cafe on her own. What’s the worst that could happen in two weeks? Besides, she’s always free to call me if anything goes wrong, and I’ll come right back. She really should trust herself more.