Boating An Idea

I’ve just been going through the contents of our suggestion box, and you wouldn’t believe some of these submissions. Seriously, when you hear them, you’ll think I’m making them up. Here’s an example: ‘Open another location on a boat.’ There’s more to it, though: this suggestion has come up more than once. The running total of times it’s been put forward now is five, which seems like a lot if you ask me. It almost makes me suspect that some of our patrons have an in-joke going on. 

All of that said, I’m not one to dismiss a popular contribution to the suggestion box without giving it due consideration. That’s what the box is there for, after all – no wrong answers and all that. As ludicrous as the idea is, given that we’re nowhere near the water and have pretty much zero connection to maritime themes, I’m going to give it twenty minutes to assess its viability. Step one is determining what form a cafe boat (boat cafe?) would even take. 

At the outset, it seems that when it comes to finding creative marine fabricators, Melbourne is not a bad place to be situated. Someone would be up for the task, surely, provided I was up for footing the bill – which, given the amount of customisation involved, would likely end up on the steeper side. I mean, instead of fishing rod holders, we’d have a fully equipped commercial kitchen. Or would we? 

Perhaps it could just be a zippy little thing that darts around selling coffee and a limited selection of bagels to other boats in the vicinity of a given marina. Surely, though, the suggestion of a cafe boat comes from wanting to be at a cafe while on a boat. Who can say if those who submitted it even own their own boats? There’s only so much you can do with limited information.