It’s a Competition

Big news: we might be moving premises. The reason for this is that there are too many competitors popping up on this side of town, and it’s proving difficult to keep up with the onslaught of hip new brewing methods. What we do, we do well, but apparently Continental cakes and reliable flat whites no longer cut it on this side of the train track. Add to that the fact that prices are much lower on the other side, meaning we could potentially profit by moving there, and it’s a no-brainer.

That said, the rigmarole of selling, buying and moving – not to mention running a business throughout the whole process – really counts against the idea. It almost seems worth the time and energy investment to level up our coffee game, rather than levelling out the competition. Put it this way: the new site would have to have some serious advantages over the current one in order to make the effort worthwhile.

That’s why we’ve been in talks with real estate agents and conveyancing firms. Collingwood properties, we’re told, are selling like hotcakes at the moment, and we could come out on the right side of the deal if we play our cards well. I guess the flipside is that if we stuck around and made the effort to compete, we could come out on top that way as well. After all, I guess, there’s a reason people want to buy in this area. 

When we bought this place ten years ago, as a recall, I felt both relieved and stressed when it came to conveyancing and settlement. There’s really no going back from there, so that’s a relief, but even so I kept asking myself if it was the right decision. I guess the trick is to just choose something and go full steam ahead, without worrying about having blown it for your future self – or, in this case, our valued customers.