Beach caused fungus

I am one of those people who get really squeamish when there’s a foot near me. I don’t know why I find feet so repulsive. We all have them and most of the time we’re always in socks or shoes. So what is it that makes feet so gross? I think it might be because they’re prone to abnormalities. For example, everyone seems to have different toes and a different foot shape. Some people also have really dry feet, others seem to have yellowing feet. Actually, the more I think about it the more bizarre it seems how unique everyone’s feet are. Some people definitely do have better feet than others. Sadly, I am not one of those people.

Currently, I am battling a strange fungal nail infection. Cheltenham has a lot of beaches nearby that I tend to frequent, and I noticed after one of my regular beach visits I wound up with a persistent fungal nail infection on my big toe. It looks so unsightly. The fungus has made my nail look hard and yellow. It’s probably gross to admit it but at first, I thought that I could simply just cover it up with nail polish. Boy was I wrong. The nail surface was all hardened and dry, the nail polish would dry with cracks.

I’ve been looking into getting PACT treatment for fungal nail infections. If you don’t know what PACT means, it refers to Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy. The therapy involves combining a gel with a high power LED light to combat the infection. I really do hope this works as I have a birthday I am going to in a few weeks and I’d very much like to wear open-toe shoes. 

Has anyone ever had anything like this happen before? Could there have been some sort of bacteria in the beach water that caused this fungus or is it something that just happened? I’d love to hear your thoughts and no, I won’t be posting a photo.