Professional Podiatrist Care

Next month, my brother and his fiancée are tying the knot, and I’m honoured to be named the “bride’s maid of honour.” It’s a role I’ve always dreamed of, and I’m determined to take it seriously. Throughout the wedding planning process, I’ve been actively involved, offering my support as a reliable shoulder for both my …

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Beach caused fungus

I am one of those people who get really squeamish when there’s a foot near me. I don’t know why I find feet so repulsive. We all have them and most of the time we’re always in socks or shoes. So what is it that makes feet so gross? I think it might be because …

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Barefoot Baker

Somewhere along the line, it’s been decreed that cafe staff must wear shoes… apparently. When and by whom this was supposedly established is something I’m not clear on. To my knowledge, people can wear whatever they darned well please on their feet, short of strapping on a pair of lamb cutlets – that would be …

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