My pink car

There are so many mechanics around. I actually can’t believe how many mechanics there are local to me. Not all of them are the same quality, however. Some have studied cars and automobile work for decades, some are very talented apprentices with a love for cars, others have just given themselves the title of mechanic because they happened to have bought a second hand car and have done some work on it. 

For the last twenty years I’ve lived in the same place, Milperra. Mechanics here are not a rare commodity, but as I said, it can be hard to find a good one. Luckily, I haven’t had too many car troubles. I’ve driven the same diesel car every day to and from work for the last ten years. Minus getting the car serviced from time to time, I haven’t really needed to get any major repairs done. My car tends to get quite a few looks from passersby and a good laugh from mechanics, particularly when they see me with it. Probably because it’s bright pink. I know colours are just colours and they mean nothing, but pink is often considered quite a girly colour. I am the least girly looking person ever. I’m 6”6, have a beard down to my chest, dreadlocks, I wear leather, and I’m not exactly a thin guy. I love motorcycles, beers, and the colour pink. I’m a bit of a gentle giant.

The whole reason I bought this car was that my little daughter was with me the day I went car shopping. We must have looked at about five cars. The pink car wasn’t on the cards until she spotted it and started repeating ‘daddy, look!’. The car brought such a smile to her face so I had to buy it. It will be her car someday which is why I only have the best diesel mechanic near me work on it. I secretly do love driving the pink car around. People’s faces are priceless when they see it’s a man like me behind the wheel.