Symbolic Earrings

I called my grandma last night and told her about the sun moon earrings that I lost. I told her how much I love them and how upset I am that they’re gone, and she sounded pretty upset too. She said that they were the first pair of earrings she ever made for me and that even though she’s disappointed that they’re gone, she’s happy that I loved them as much as she did. It made me tear up listening to her talk about them and then remember how much I hate my teacher for making me lose my earrings.

My grandma is such a nice person. After five minutes of being disappointed about my earrings being gone, she perked up and said that now she can make me a pair of earrings with the teenager version of me in mind. I was actually really happy when I heard that because the teenage me is different from the twelve-year-old me that first put on those earrings, so it would be cool to have something fresh and edgy now that I’m older. And guess what my grandma came up with… half moon earrings! Awesome!

If I was in English class and my teacher made me analyse what these new earrings meant just like we do with books, I think the change from the sun to the moon would be that I’m ready to grow up and have my curfew pushed back by my parents. My grandma has a lot of power over them, so I think they’ll listen to her when she says I’m more grown-up now.

And once again it’s cool that they are going to be Melbourne made earrings instead of just normal Perth earrings. My mum used to live in Melbourne but then moved to Perth when she met my dad, which was kind of a questionable move. Surely they’d want to live in a cool artsy place rather than a plain old place, but oh well, that’s what they chose. It makes me look cool to have family in Melbourne anyway.