Spoiled daughter’s car

My kid is so spoiled sometimes, and it’s my husband that keeps spoiling her. As soon as she turned eighteen she got her P-plates. My husband thought it was a smart idea to buy her a luxury car. We’ve been married for twenty-five years and he’s never bought me a luxury car! To top it off, he also paid for her registration and insurance. She loves visiting the bank of dad for just about everything. She’s not a bad kid, don’t get me wrong, but boy does she know how to win her father over. She’s probably the only person who can successfully manipulate him. Now she’s having some car troubles and he’s paying for the repair!

She drove her friends to some big clothing sale over the weekend. Of course, suddenly everyone in the school looks up to her as she’s one of the few students who have their own car. Some of the teachers are even envious of the car she drives. She drives a better car than the school principal! With a car comes responsibility, and I believe my daughter is just not ready for that responsibility. The car needs a car aircon regas and she refuses to take the car in as she doesn’t want to spend the money. Knowing her father, he will eventually get sick of asking her to get it done and he will wind up taking and paying for the regas himself. A part of me can’t help but think that this is quite possibly a tactic of hers as she knows he will cave. There’s no way I’ll say that to her father, he’ll not believe it anyway.

There’s a reliable car mechanic located near Moorabbin who is affordable. I’m thinking of just grabbing his contact details and forwarding them to her and saying that if she doesn’t take her car to this mechanic for repair, then she can’t drive it. It would be a lot easier if I had my husband backing me up.