Painting it solo

I get funny looks when I say that I’m a single mum by choice. Some people feel sorry for me and think I’ve had a man walk out on me and some think I’m a widower while other times I’m met with judgy looks. I’ve even been scolded before by a woman who believed that me choosing to be a single mum was setting up my child for failure. Before anyone reading this blog comes to conclusions, I thought it’s best I explain my reasoning behind becoming a single mother. For years I was in a relationship with someone and while it started out great at first, I realised we weren’t very well aligned so I left him.

I think I’m in the perfect position to raise a baby solo. I’m in a high-paying job that puts me in a good position to fund a child. I’ve also satisfied all my ambitions and my job is quite flexible with schedules. All that aside, I’m so excited. It hasn’t been too difficult to manage the pregnancy solo. Except for when I needed to paint the baby’s future bedroom. I had to hire a Melbourne based residential painter for that job.

The room is now a beautiful baby blue colour. I was considering doing some stencils of planets and rockets, but I thought it would be best to keep it plain and let my baby add his personality to the room down the line. He might be one of those kids who is really into dinosaurs for all I know. Regardless, I just want the room to be set up for his arrival in two months time. It’s quite funny, the local painters mentioned that they’ve been noticing more and more women becoming single mothers by choice. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it at all. I’m in the perfect position to bring a child into this world and I have an endless supply of love to give him.