Looking to buy

Well, the day has come. I am officially so sick of relying on my parents to give me lifts. They say they don’t mind doing it but honestly, every single time they drive me there is always some sort of drama. On the drive home from cricket training, my dad made a sarcastic comment and said ‘well when I was twenty-five I didn’t rely on my parents’. This statement irritated me to no end as the whole reason why I don’t drive is because they never trust me to go off on my own. Upon returning home I’ve realised that I just need to buy my own car so I can stop relying on them.

I know my friend is selling a car because I remember her mentioning that she took her car to get a logbook service. Mechanics around Adelaide seem to not mind giving advice on cars so I do suppose I can always ask one what they think is the best for a first time purchase. I genuinely have no idea where to begin. Usually, I’d ask my dad for advice but ever since his comment last night I have been so irritated that I’ve decided to go through the process myself. Ideally, I want something that is four doors and has a bit of personality. I don’t want anything that can get dirty too easily. I did recently see a really nice Holden Cruze that was silver, but I couldn’t tell how much room the boot had for my cricket gear. I really don’t want a car that’s going to turn the back seats into a storage facility.

I hope whatever car I get isn’t one that will need a constant car repair. I just don’t have the money or time to handle that. A part of me has always been put off from buying a car because I’ve been worried that I’ll pick something that is an absolute melon and will need to be in the workshop every month due to some issue.