Cafe Vandalism

I don’t understand why people feel the need to be so destructive, especially at the expense of others. Do they have any thoughts for the poor restaurant or cafe owner that has to deal with the damage? I doubt it. Most likely, they get a sudden desire to break something and throw the nearest object through a window. The thing is, this doesn’t feel like a random act of violence. Whoever broke our window did so on purpose, and that terrifies me.

I’m just glad we live in Australia, where a rock was the weapon of choice rather than a gun. At least when it came to smashing the glass. I’m not entirely sure what the criminal used on the window frame, but that’s broken too. I still remember when Alyssa and I were considering which company to choose for our window frame installation. It was a big part of the process in starting Cafe Mint. Finally, we settled on one that could provide these beautiful timber window frames. They were perfect for the atmosphere we wanted to create. Customers regularly commented on them. Here we are again, considering where to get timber window replacement near Melbourne. These things have a way of coming full circle, don’t they?

We caught the criminal on our security system, but they were well disguised. I hope he’s caught soon. I’d hate to think about all the other businesses he is harming. It just doesn’t make sense to me. It’s quite sad really, how these people were probably raised in unstable homes, and that’s driven them to violence. Maybe all they need is a good cup of tea in order to change their ways. Has anybody ever tried that? A nice warm cup of tea can make everything that’s wrong with the world go away.

Maybe I should offer some to Alyssa. She has been quite stressed ever since the window was broken. It shook her up more than I had expected. Yes, some tea will help her. Everybody, do the world a favour and have a cup of tea today. Make the world a better place.