Begonias or Cyclamens?

Melanie and I have had a bit of a business disagreement lately, but I think we’ve gotten through it and come to a good compromise. You see, this month was time to choose our summer set of flowers, and I was certain cyclamen was the right choice for Cafe Mint, but Melanie was sure that begonias would be better. How do you settle a dispute like this? It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure.

Our first solution was to ask our clients. We put out a little survey with each cup of tea, asking people whether they preferred a begonia or a cyclamen. After two weeks, the results were in. There was a fifty-fifty split, exactly. Would you believe it? So, it seemed that neither of us was wrong. However, our personal tastes still matter, so we had to find another way.

Next, we considered determining it randomly, but that just didn’t seem fair. In the end, we decided to play a game of poker for the right to choose the flower arrangement. If I won, we’d have a cyclamen arrangement. If Melanie won, it would be begonias. After two hours of playing, Melanie emerged victorious. Unfortunately, I’d have to settle for the begonias. She did win fairly, after all.

That’s what I was thinking until Melanie saw my disappointment and suggested we have both cyclamens and begonias. I couldn’t believe we hadn’t thought of that! It really was the perfect compromise. Begonias and cyclamens look amazing together. I’m so lucky to have such a kind business partner. Another person probably would have been a sore winner and done the begonias just to enjoy winning even more. But Melanie is so great that winning didn’t really matter to her. All that matters is that the cafe looks its best. Thanks to her, it really does. So many people have commented on how great the flowers look together. They really draw the eyes as you walk past the shop window as well. Who knew that compromise was the best option?