Mint Medical

We’ve just gone through those customer feedback surveys and I’ve got to say, I’m not sure how much of this we can actually implement. Still, Mabel Lawrence won the prize draw fair and square, so it’s free tea and scones for the next month on us for her posse. Knowing Mabel, she’ll be in every day to milk that for every cent it’s worth.

Her feedback was just about the most useless of the lot. ‘Put a medical centre in.’ What does that even mean, Mabel? You want us to install a medical centre here at the cafe? Hire a team of medical staff to treat the ailments of cafe patrons while they sip their mulberry matcha? Sounds totally workable. I’m amazed we didn’t think of it ourselves.

It makes sense, though. Mabel’s forever telling us how hard it is to source proper hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and saying that medical centres should offer it as a matter of course. I don’t for the life of me know what she’s on about, although I must say, if that’s what she’s having, I wouldn’t mind some it. When I found out she was pushing 90, I almost dropped my milk. She’s doing well, I tell you – very spritely gait on her.  

While I can’t fathom installing a medical centre, let alone a hyperbaric medicine clinic, I suppose I could consider how to better accommodate our more senior patrons. The cafe was designed with a younger crowd in mind, with lots of bar stools and mirrored surfaces, but our clientele seems to be of the post-70 persuasion. I guess that’s one thing I’ve learnt from these surveys that’s actually actionable, although I should have known from our scone sales. I guess I’d just assumed that scones were trending.

Maybe this is our niche: a chic, trendy cafe for the senior market. Who says elders don’t want to enjoy tea and scones in stylish surrounds, alongside cutting-edge coffee brewing techniques and a selection of paleo muffins?