Yay, Invisalign Braces!

I want to start a modelling career once I turn eighteen.

I’ve been told by countless people that I have stunning features and the height to go along with it, but the only problem is that my teeth really aren’t very nice. This really detracts from my entire face, and I want to have my teeth fixed before I start applying for modelling positions. I’ve just asked my parents if they would be willing to pay for me to get Invisalign braces that I could have for the next two years. If I get them right now then they will be off just before my eighteenth birthday.

Unfortunately, my parents aren’t well off financially and so I know they’re going to struggle to be able to pay for this. They want to do it for me because they know how important it is, but I really don’t know if they can afford to. I’ve told them that I’m happy for the braces to be my next six birthday and Christmas presents, but even still, the braces are more expensive than those presents combined. Growing up poor can be really hard sometimes. 

Today my parents approached our local Cheltenham dentist to see what they could do to help me. They actually managed to organise a payment plan for my braces, which they can pay off in small instalments over the next couple of years. Because of this, I’ll be able to get my braces on next month. I’m really happy.

I can’t even begin to describe how much this could change my life. I could make a lot of money as a model and if I do, I’ll pay my parents back for the braces plus interest. They don’t know that this is my plan and they’re just doing it out of the goodness of their own hearts, but I am determined to pay them back if my finances allow it.

I love them.