Mornington Tyre Explosion

I’m obsessed with the beach. Every day over thirty I call into work sick and drive down to Cambridge for the day. No one at work has ever commented on this, so I think I’m flying under the radar for now. I plan on doing this for many many years, and so I hope that no one ever becomes suspicious of my intentions. 

But yeah back to the point. Yesterday was thirty five degrees and so I called in sick the night before. I was on the road at 6:30am so that I could be at the Peninsula by 8:00am and on the beach for the entire day. Well, on my way down the freeway something went horribly wrong and I had to call a mechanic for car repairs local to Cambridge. It isn’t a big place, which is lucky for me because it means that everything is closeby. But it still took a couple of hours to get to me and then repair the car, and so I didn’t end up getting onto the beach until after 10:00am.

For most people I’m sure getting to the beach at 10:00am sounds good, early even. But I was so disappointed. The morning sun is the best part of the day because it’s not so searing that you feel like you’re getting burnt even with sunscreen on. My friend who lives in the area was also waiting for me for over two hours to be picked up, which I felt quite bad about.

I guess it wasn’t my fault that I needed a new set of rear tyres. Cambridge roads are a lot rougher than roads in normal suburbia, and my tyres just couldn’t handle it. The mechanic said that paired with how hot the roads are, it was the perfect storm for my tyres to pretty much explode. 

At least I still got a solid eight hours at the beach before I had to go home.