Van Safety Certificate

I’ve started a doggy daycare business. I love dogs and so it’s pretty much my dream come true, but there are a couple of things that I hadn’t thought of that I need to get organised. For example, I need to get a car so that I can pick up and drop off the dogs that I look after.

At first, I didn’t think I’d need a car because all the dogs I was looking after were from the area. But word of mouth is a powerful thing and now I’m looking after dogs all over the city. It’s quite a testament to me if I do say so myself, but it’s coming with some roadblocks. I’m going to buy a secondhand van and visit a mechanic for a car safety certificate valid in Raceview issued so that I can drive the dogs around. I’ll have to show the dog owners that the transport for their dogs is top-notch, which is where the car safety certificate will come in. I will love and protect every dog as if it were my own, which means getting everything in tip-top shape!

Once I’ve bought my van, decked it out and gotten the roadworthy certificate, I’m going to ask a professional mechanic in the Raceview area to fully assess my car. I know that not everything has to be right with a car to be issued a car safety certificate, so I want to make sure the mechanic goes over everything else too. Even stuff that might not be urgent like a car air conditioner repair, I want them to do. The comfort of the dogs is my priority.

I’m really looking forward to finding a good van! If anyone has any suggestions on where I should be looking for the best secondhand vans in Raceview, then please let me know. I’ve never bought a van before because I’ve never needed one, so it would be good to have some expert knowledge if anyone has any.