Unknown MMA Boxer

Wow! We were right, Nath. The fight between June and Niall was incredible. That really should have been the fight for the championship, but that’s not how the matchups happened, unfortunately. 

For the first time in this competition, I actually agree with you, Kath. Anyway, welcome to Day Two of Brisbane’s Muay Thai Boxing Competition! We’ve already seen June and Niall fight, with June progressing to the semi-finals. It was such a close fight and went down to the final seconds. It was the kind of fight you’d expect from the championship, not the preliminary final. 

I think that means we can expect some seriously good fighting from here on in, Nath. This may be the best competition the local Muay Thai boxing gym has ever seen. It’s certainly the best Muay Thai fighting I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been on the boxing scene for quite a while.

How long exactly, have you been a professional MMA fighter, Kath?

God, come on Nath! Don’t you know it’s rude to ask a lady how long she’s been a professional fighter for? 

The irony, Kath. You’ve been rude to me this entire competition. I’m simply asking the questions that our audience wants to hear. Someone’s written in and said that they’ve never heard of you, and they’ve been on the Muay Thai fighting scene for thirty years.

Wait, what? How can they not know me then? They may remember me from such competitions as The Best Muay Thai Fighter or Muay Thai Legend Status. I took out both of those competitions with absolute ease. You should have seen how well I tore up the professional boxing gym near Brisbane back in the day. 

Geez, don’t get so worked up Kath. It doesn’t matter if people don’t know who you are. You just might not be as famous as you think, but that’s okay. Maybe more people will know you next year.