The Rising Cat

Well, I called it. I called it, months ago, saying that Tabby Crawshaw was going to become one of the most lucrative channels on Me-Straw, and no one believed me. “Cute cat videos are a random occurrence!” they chided. “They cannot be harnessed, for they are intangible and nebulous!”

Maybe not their exact words, but those were the gist. I realise that no one has ever turned a cat into a media star before, but I said it would be done, and… well, look. #4 on the entire site in terms of views and follows. A video was released yesterday with the title ‘Tabby doesn’t understand glass repair, wow, lol, MUST WATCH!’ and not only did it get over a million views in a day, it’s also seen people rush out and use the services of glass replacement professionals because a cat was playing with someone while they were installing new glass.

We could’ve been the ad agency jumping on Tabby Crawshaw as our number one earner, but people laughed and said I was crazy. I hope they don’t think that’s going to be forgotten next time we have our annual meeting with the shareholders. Between glass balustrade installation and a grouchy cat, we could’ve done some truly great things. Now we have to jump on the bandwagon and try to gather up the scraps like everyone else. 

I need to come up with something else, and fast. Maybe we could turn a dog into a viral video star! Yes, perfect! No one’s ever thought of that before. Yes, it does kind of seem like we’re riding coat-tails, but that’s just what happens when you fail to pick up on a major marketing trend. The world moves on without you, and you have to take what you can get of the pie. The dog will be a glazier, a glazier dog, a dog that’s the official mascot of a Melbourne company for balustrading needs. He’ll wear a little glazier hat and woof when he hears anyone talking about glass. 

Yes, profit!