Specialist Accommodation

Everything is terrible. I can’t believe that things have gone so awry. I’m currently in a situation which means I can’t leave the house for a week and I can’t get my hands on my proof to show when I’ll be able to leave my house. I’ve been at home for one day now and I needed to do all these things straight away to get the process in a working order. I haven’t been able to do those things because they’re no longer accessible to the general public. It’s an absolute joke and I am extremely angry that I’ve been put in this situation through no fault of my own.

Because I’m stuck in my house for a week, I’m not allowed to visit my mother who currently resides in specialist disability accommodation. It’s her birthday tomorrow and I’m the only person who ever visits her. She won’t get one single visitor on her birthday and although I’m sure the staff will make it an enjoyable experience for her, being away from family would make it really hard. Everyone wants to celebrate with their loved ones on their special day, and when I put my mother in specialist accommodation I did so under the assumption that I’d be able to visit her at any time and see her on special occasions. I am so angry that this is the situation I’ve been put in, through no fault of my own.

Life is unfair and my mum probably doesn’t have very much time left. What if this is her last birthday and she’s spending it alone in a support coordination facility in the Adelaide CBD? It makes me feel sick to my stomach. 

I’ll send my mother a gift in the mail and I’m sure the nurses will set up a video call for the two of us, but it’s not enough. I am so terribly sad.