Another Crazy Dream

Hey guys, and welcome back to my blog. Today, I’m back with another crazy dream story. I had this one three nights ago, but it’s still fresh in my mind like it was only yesterday.

I was in this bright green forest, filled with colourful flowers and a vibrant yellow sun. Everything seemed really peaceful at first, until I felt the ground beneath me shaking. Suddenly, a giant grey dinosaur ambled past me. It was walking gracefully, but because it was so large it made a huge commotion nonetheless. I imagine that the dinosaur appeared in my dream because of that removable dinosaur wallpaper I have stuck up on my bedroom walls. It’s been there for ages, so I suppose the image of dinosaurs has simply filtered its way into my subconscious mind. It’s a bit exciting, really.

I’ve loved dinosaurs since I was a little boy, but I’ve only started having dreams about them recently. I looked on some dream sites to see if I could find the meaning of dinosaurs in dreams, but there’s not as much information as I would have thought. Surprisingly, there is a lot of information about unicorns appearing in dreams. I guess a lot of people have dreams with rainbows and fluffy white clouds and unicorns. Maybe I would have those sorts of dreams too if I had unicorn wall art designed locally in Melbourne in my bedroom. I might have to get some for my sister, to make her dreams more interesting. Whenever I tell her about a crazy dream I’ve had, she tells me that she can’t remember any of hers. I thought she was lying at first, but after all the dream research I’ve done, it turns out a pretty large number of people can’t remember anything that happens in their dreams. That sucks for them. I love my dreams. After all, I wouldn’t have this blog without them!