Rental Air Conditioning

I just moved out of home with a group of friends! We’re all pretty poor and so none of us could afford to live somewhere new or live alone, and so we’ve moved out together! I’m really excited and happy about it. The house we’ve been approved for is extremely rundown, but it doesn’t matter too much to us. We’re out of home and that’s what matters.

I’m more than happy to share one bathroom with four people and live in communal spaces. The only thing that really bothers me is that our air conditioning doesn’t work. It’s November and it’s starting to get hot in Sydney. I don’t deal well with the heat and so I’m really stressed about this. We’ll need to ask the landlord to pay for air conditioning repairs. Around Sydney, I’m told, landlords can be notoriously sting with things like this, and so I don’t know if we’re going to have any luck with it. I’m really concerned. 

It was 25 degrees overnight last night and I could barely sleep. I have one of those portable fans in my room, but it wasn’t enough. The house comes with that type of air conditioning that is installed in the ceiling of every room and is just controlled by one little on and off switch. It would be absolutely perfect because everyone would be kept cool. I’d be happy to pay for an air conditioning annual service, Sydney being the type of place where the system could get quite a workout. I just need the landlord to pay for the initial repairs. Surely that’s a fair enough deal. 

I really want this place to feel like a home with my friends. I already love living with them and I know we’re gonna find the perfect balance of fun and chill, but I need our house to be literally chilled, too. I’m going to plead our case to the landlord in the morning. Wish me luck.