Operation Bounce Back

Today, my journal records a victory, but not one that involves the rebellion or our countless skirmishes. No, this victory is much closer to home. After two unsuccessful missions, I felt the weight of failure starting to press down on me. The pressure to cheer Cataria up had become another battle in itself.

During breakfast, Cataria had overheard me talking to a crew member about my plans to order a table tennis table. Her response had been unequivocal. “If I see another game table, I’ll smash it to pieces!” Her threat didn’t leave room for negotiation, and I found myself back at square one.

While her words made me reassess my plan, they also highlighted a loophole. She threatened to smash a table, but what about something that isn’t a table? A light bulb moment! In my quest to find a solution, I found myself on the website of the same fitness equipment supplier that I had previously used. And there it was, their range of backyard trampolines for sale online.

Despite her initial displeasure at the arrival of another large package, I managed to convince Cataria to give the trampoline a try. With a grunt and a sigh of resigned acceptance, she stepped onto the trampoline. The first few bounces were hesitant, her face a mask of concentration as she adapted to the unfamiliar sensation. But as she continued to bounce higher and higher, I saw a transformation. Had I finally found the answer, thanks to a fitness equipment supplier based in Australia?

Her shoulders started to relax, her face softened, and I could see her mood lifting as she bounced higher, touching the sky, then sinking back down only to be propelled back up. It was as if with every bounce she was shedding the weight of our past failures and returning lighter, more carefree. Seeing her like that, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief.

So, Operation Bounce Back, a success! As I sign off today’s journal, I feel a glimmer of hope. If we could overcome this, maybe our battles against the rebellion are not as hopeless as they seem. And while table tennis might not be our thing, it looks like trampolines could be a good fallback option.