My whacky business

Hi! It’s me! Your resident whacky human. I’m a real hoot, honestly. I love being around people and people love being around me… at least I hope. My wackiness started when I was around six, but if you ask my mum she’ll tell you that I was always a bit cuckoo. I loved dressing up, wearing funky hats, doing crazy dances, and making people laugh. I guess these traits have carried over into adulthood. I make all sorts of crazy jewellery and trinkets. It started off as an online business but now it’s really starting to take off and I’m so excited. Myself and my sister have bought a whole building to start manufacturing, marketing, and selling our products. My sister thinks I’m foolish for purchasing a whole building but frankly? I could not care. I’m a risk taker. I was born to take risks. If you don’t take risks, you go nowhere. 

I’ve hired the best architects near Bayside to give the whole building a revamp. We’re going to work together to capture the branding and the essence of the business while still imparting necessary functionalities. I’ve created a collage of magazine cutouts of different inspirations from across the globe. Some of my inspirations are other buildings, but I don’t like to limit myself. Inspiration can come from anywhere! It’s from all your senses. If I eat a spaghetti that inspires me, you best bet that one of those little pasta remnants has made its way onto my canvas. I also have a paw print from my dog, cutouts of materials I like, and photos of a random supermodel holding a coffee glued to this canvas. Every piece of inspiration is important. 

I don’t go into things lightly. I searched commercial architecture firms for months before finding the one I wanted to work with. My sister simply wanted us to interview one or two. I vetoed that suggestion. I need the correct synergy to work with an architect. Someone who is prepared to absorb inspirations and vibrations with me. I just can’t wait to show them my mood board.