Grande Opportunity

What’s that? You think navigating the real estate market is hard? You think running a business is hard? Try doing both at the same time, then get back to me. 

If I may say so myself, I’m impressively calm about all this. It must be all those special coffee shots I’ve been knocking back. Apparently, this special coffee neutralises the effects of caffeine on the nervous system, or at least that’s what my local health shop told me. It doesn’t seem to be neutralising the part of the coffee that induces rapid-fire thinking, though – Harold said he’s never seen anyone zip through a Section 32 as fast as me, and this morning I knocked over the cafe’s accounting in about a third of the usual time. 

Harold thinks I should be more careful at this delicate stage in the process, but it’s fine. What could go wrong? I don’t feel nervous about it at all, so I can’t imagine I’ve made any hasty errors. Besides, it means I have the rest of the day to talk turkey with our buyers agent. Within Melbourne, the property market seems to be back on the climb, which is good news for vendors but demands a bit of quick footwork on the buyer’s end. That’s why it’s a good thing that I’m moving at lightning speed. If anything, I should go and have another coffee before I get down to business. 

I guess Harold has a point that I’ve missed the matcha-ordering deadline for two weeks running now, which means our signature mint-matcha raw cheesecake hasn’t been making it onto the menu. And it’s true that we’ve garnered a couple of negative reviews lately. That might well be blamed on me accidentally adding sugar to coffee where it wasn’t wanted, and not realising what had happened until the customers had left. It does have a bit of a strong taste, that stuff. 

I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment, and I do hope that most of our customers will be understanding of that.