Damaged Tyres Hobart

First and foremost, I’d like to apologise for my lack of blog posting over the last few weeks. I’ve been settling into my new job as the Hobart Managing Director of the company I work for, and have just spent my time adjusting to my new life. It’s been an extremely smooth transition, and the only bump in the road was a literal bump in the road.

I have spent my last few weekends exploring the beautiful island that is Tasmania, but the terrain has been rough on my car. I hit a rugged part of the road and really damaged my tyres. Luckily, I knew exactly who to call. I called up my mechanic and told him that I needed a tyre repair. Local to Hobart as I now am, I had a mechanic all lined up ready to call in such a situation, and he was able to get to me in record time. This is a service that I wouldn’t have gotten from my mechanic back in Melbourne, just due to the sheer size of the city.

As my mechanic was getting to work on the side of the road to repair my tyres, I felt extremely grateful that I am such an organised person.

As the Managing Director of a company, you don’t tend to get much free time. On the weekend I try to take time for myself, and if I didn’t have my mechanic here fixing my car, my personal time would’ve been completely wasted just waiting for someone to get the job done. At least my mechanic was with me in a flash and experienced enough to work quickly. That’s how you know you’ve got a good mechanic service. Hobart is a really special place and I look forward to spending the next ten years here.

When I originally took the job, I signed a ten year contract on the provision that I would move back to Melbourne and take up one of the most senior positions in the head office. But you know what? Maybe I’ll just stay in Hobart.