Time Continues Flying

I always thought owning my own business would remove this strange little paranoia of mine. Nope! Seems to have just made it worse.

For some reason I’ve had this recurring nightmare where I arrive late to work for some reason, and I get immediately fired. I just really hate being late for things, even if it’s just by a few minutes. Now I own my very own, personal business, and I can show up at any time I like, but I can’t. Because if I’m not there…the cafe doesn’t open. So I still set four alarms and keep my car specially serviced, just for this. I have my special car servicing garage in South Yarra all primed and ready to go. Pretty sure they have a picture of me below the counter with the word ‘NUTS’ scrawled underneath it, but I do come across a little strong when it comes to keeping my car serviced. Which is weird, because when it comes to vehicles, I’m clueless. 

Ask me how to produce about 500 different classic and complicated pastry recipes without any sort of guide, and I’ll churn them out like a factory machine. But then you ask me to remember which side the petrol pump goes in and I go blank. Yet another reason to get on top of my car servicing, because if I break down by the side of the road, I’m truly stuck. Then again, Uber exists, so…

Nowadays I’m up earlier than ever. That’s something that I’m very used to, but now I’m up really early, churning out a million baked goods before the cafe opens in the morning. I’m constantly paranoid that I’m going to sleep through my alarms out of sheer exhaustion, so that means early to bed. Basically, the job is turning me into an organisational freak. Got my nearby auto repair shop. Malvern is good for that sort of thing. Got my alarms, got my emergency pastry sources…this is just my life now.