Melbourne Cafe Weather

I’ll confess, I am baffled at the weather recently. And here I am, a proper Melburnian. Or is part of being from Melbourne being constantly surprised by the weather, even when you shouldn’t be? Is that part of the fun? That’s kind of meta.

Long story made very short: the cafe needs better windows. Like, right now. The weather is getting hotter, and I have some doubts about the efficiency of our air conditioning system. Windows and doors control the heat, so we need better ones. Simple. Fact. Game, set…windows.

I’ll have to look into the timber window replacement available. Melbourne is a city, so plenty of options even if there’s no one we want in the surrounding suburbs, plus I bet a lot of the door and window replacement people will understand the struggle. Like, they’ll all be totally grizzled and worn from the many years they’ve spent trying to get the perfect door and window combination: the one, that door/window combo that’ll make a Melbourne home perfectly balanced. A cafe is an even greater challenge, since there’s so much heat radiating from different sources…and a constantly active kitchen out the back, which doesn’t help. 

I’ll tell them that I want window replacement for a cafe, perhaps even some doors. A very little part of their soul will die, but it won’t show on their faces. They’ll blink slowly, flicking away the butt of their cigarettes, crack their knuckles and say, in a thick Austrian accent: “Show me where you want the windows.”

And my imagination definitely got away with me there, but you get it. Perhaps we’ll just have to tank the higher air conditioning costs when the weather gets warm, but insulation is always a good thing. Good old window frame installation, saving money and adding style. We’ll give it a trial over the summer.