Getting Solar Panels

A family friend of mine sent me a blog post by a young consumer about how she, her friends and the wider community of people her age won’t shop at businesses that don’t help the planet in some way. I don’t help the planet in any way… I have noticed in recent years that business has been going down and I couldn’t work out why because the quality of the products I use hasn’t gone down. My family friend has suggested that this could be the reason I’m not making as many sales as I used to. 

I’ve taken what my friend said very seriously and as a result, I’ve started looking into energy management for Melbourne small businesses as a way to promote that I’m now an eco-friendly business and to hopefully encourage people to start buying my products again. I hope it works, because I am really worried that this new consumer trend is going to seriously impact my business going forward. I don’t think my business would survive if my sales took any more of a hit. I don’t want to take that chance.

To be frank, I don’t actually care about the planet. I’ll be dead long before we see any of the effects of climate change, so it’s not really my problem. The only reason I’m even considering getting small business grants for solar energy is that solar panel installation will hopefully make me seem like I care for the planet. Business grants are also good because the government helps to compensate you for doing what the government wants. I guess to keep up voter satisfaction the government has to make it seem like they care about the environment also. I’d be surprised if they actually do, but I guess it’s no skin off their noses if they start implementing government programs and initiatives to make themselves look better. They just want to win the next election, like I want to make sales.