Cafe Hyperbaric

I never thought a hyperbaric chamber would increase revenue, but here we are. Customers are loving it. There’s nothing like getting some tea, coffee or cakes in the morning, then relaxing with a five-minute session in the portable hyperbaric chamber we rented. It has really put Cafe Mint on the map!

It was Alyssa’s idea, and I’ve got to admit, I was sceptical at first. Surely it would take up too much space and be an eyesore. But Alyssa showed me a website that had some great deals on chambers that actually looked pretty good. We’ve decorated ours with a space theme so you can pretend you’re an astronaut. The hyperbaric therapy business from Melbourne wasn’t too sure about giving one of their chambers to a cafe either, but we managed to convince them. A lot of people aren’t even aware that portable hyperbaric chambers exist, so we’re getting the word out there.

If you’ve always wanted to see what a hyperbaric chamber is like, why not come around to Cafe Mint and give it a try? We’ve got two deals. If you buy something from our shop, you can spend five minutes in the chamber completely free of charge. But if you pay $10 for a five-minute session in the chamber, all our food and drinks are half price for you, until you leave. Both are extremely popular with our customers.

Honestly, the biggest shame is that we’re so busy because I haven’t even gotten to try out the chamber yet. We’ve had to open our doors 24/7 and hire extra staff just to keep up with the demand. We don’t have peak hours anymore, because we’re busy all the time.

Maybe it’s time we rebranded as Cafe Hyper instead of Cafe Mint because people aren’t even coming for the tea anymore. It makes sense from a marketing standpoint, but it’s definitely a departure from our original vision. I’ll have to talk to Alyssa about it.

– Melanie.