Broken Aircon Unit

My brother is obsessed with the cold. He loves cranking up (or cranking down? I’m not really sure of the lingo) the air conditioner in summer and even in winter, which I find super frustrating. He said he’s warm-blooded and has to have the air conditioner on or he’ll overheat. I think it’s a bit ridiculous and I usually turn the air conditioner off once he’s asleep, but other than that there’s nothing much that I can really do about it.

Last night though, the best thing since sliced bread happened. Our air conditioner broke. You should’ve heard the noise my brother made when he realised that I hadn’t just turned it off, but that it was completely broken. For a good half an hour after he realised, he was screaming about heating and cooling servicing based in Toorak. I get it, Melbourne gets hot in summer, which even I’ll admit, so part of me did feel kind of bad for him. That was about 2% of me though. The rest of me was absolutely stoked.

I slept like a baby last night for the first time in months. I didn’t have to cover myself in five different blankets just to be at a normal temperature and I had a cool breeze blowing on my face from the in-built fan on my ceiling. It was safe to say that I was living a life of absolute bliss. My brother however, was the exact opposite. He opted to sleep outside last night because he said he was cooking like a lobster in his room. I can’t believe how much he actually relies on the air conditioning. Armadale aircon technicians, luckily for my brother, are very efficient once they get called out to a job. We called them this morning and by the end of the day our aircon will be fixed.

At least I got to experience one night at a normal temperature, I suppose