Tuesday-Saturday: 8am-3pm

Sunday: 8am-4pm


Toast — $5.00
Infinity bakery sourdough or Turkish bread, toasted with a choice of jam, vegemite, peanut butter or orange and sultana sweet ricotta.

Avocado smash (v) — $12.90
Avocado and preserved lemon mash, with cherry tomato on toasted sourdough.

Baked eggs with chackchouka (v) – $15.90
A North African dish of eggs baked with capsicum, onion and tomato with Turkish za’atar toast or Balkan style with added feta & eggplant ($2 extra). Add sucuk ($2 extra).

Baked eggs, beans and sucuk – $15.90
Eggs baked with spicy baked beans and sucuk (a Turkish beef sausage) served with Turkish za’atar toast.

Turkish breakfast (v) – $16.90
Spinach and olives, roasted tomatoes, a boiled egg, grilled haloumi and za’atar Turkish toast.

Kuneffeh (v) – $16.90
Baked shredded kataifi pastry, folded over with sweet ricotta and sultanas. Served with yoghurt and fruit compote.

Breakfast couscous (v) – $15.90
Sweet spiced couscous, poached dry fruit compote, honey yoghurt, pistachio and hot milk (soy, skim, regular).

THE “BRAT” – $16.90
Deconstructed bacon, ricotta, avocado and tomato sandwich, served with Turkish or sourdough toast. Vegetarian option with spicy baked beans (v).

Hummus plus – $15.90
Our house made chickpea dip with spices, lemon juice and olive oil, served with za’atar toast. Choose a topping from: • Spicy slow-cooked lamb mince and pinenuts with caramelised onions • Sautéed field mushrooms with sumac & thyme (v) • Spiced chickpeas with roast pumpkin, spinach and dates (v)

Scrambled free range eggs – $10.90
Served on the soft side, Turkish or sourdough toast.

Spinach, mint & feta eggs – $14.90
Scrambled and served with Turkish or sourdough toast.

Chackchouka eggs – $14.90
Scrambled eggs with capsicum, onion, tomato & North African spices. Served with Turkish or sourdough toast.

Basturma eggs – $14.90
Scrambled with shaved cured beef and herbs. Served with Turkish or sourdough toast.

Add sides – $3.50 per serve
• Bacon
• Merguez (spicy lamb sausages)
• Sucuk (Turkish style beef chorizo)
• Basturma (shaved cured beef)
• Roast or fresh tomato
• Spicy baked beans
• Field mushrooms
• Avocado
• Spinach
• Grilled haloumi
• Ricotta