Brand on Display!

Currently, I’m tossing up how effective motor advertising really is, as compared to the downsides. We have to start getting the Cafe Mint name out there, and slapping the name on the side of a vehicle (and the top, and everywhere else) might be one way to do it. I’m happy to drive the Mint-Mobile, especially if it gets the word out about our ‘Coffee on Wheels’ service. Still sorting out the details on that, but anyway…

Then we have the downsides. Drive like a maniac, and your business gets a bad name. Last time I got a car service near Bendigo, it was after I broke down at a set of traffic lights. I was right at the front as well, and it was only the aid of an extremely kind guy who I think might have been Scottish that got me off the road. Also, that was the day I found out I had pneumonia, so yeah, really fun time in my life all around.

My point is that, before I managed to get my car to a real mechanic, I had to bear the brunt of a thousand extremely angry motorists. Imagine if I’d had the Cafe Mint logo on the side of the car while that was happening! That’s a thousand people who’ll never come to the cafe, probably. And if I cut someone off in traffic, intentionally or otherwise… one less customer. If I run a red light, or get pulled over for speeding, that’s fewer customers again. I don’t drive like a hoon, but I’m wondering if it’s worth the risk, what with people on the roads constantly being so angry. I may end up going all the way back to my old motor mechanics close to Bendigo (even if it is a massive treck from Melbourne), because I don’t want people to get an ideas about the safety of the Cafe Mint car.

I guess if we’re using the car for a coffee delivery service, it’s gonna need decals. There will be a ‘drive like a granny’ policy while it’s in use, however.