Turkish or crisp bread – $5.00
Served hot with olive oil & za’atar (a mix of thyme, sesame seeds and sumac).

Olives – $6.00
A mix of Sicilian, Spanish & Kalamata olives in a house marinade.

Dips & bread (v,gf option) – $9.90 each
House-made dips: hummus, baba ganouj or dip of the day with your choice of crisp bread or fresh cut vegetables.

Mezze plate (v) – $17.00
Our three house-made dips served with your choice of Turkish, crisp bread or fresh cut vegetables.

Charred eggplant (v,gf) – $17.00
Served with cherry tomato and almond salad, green tahini dressing.

Lamb kefta burger – $15.50
Served on Turkish bread with feta, pomegranate onions, lettuce, tomato & hummus.

Ravioli – $18.50
Filled with roast garlic and potato, topped with slow cooked lamb mince, pinenuts, caramelised onion & mint yoghurt (mushroom veg option).

Moughrabia (v) – $18.50
Pearl size couscous sautéed with chickpeas, roast pumpkin, spinach, tomatoes & goats curd.

Lamb kefta tagine – $19.50
Lamb and pistachio meatballs with tomatoes and olives on couscous with yoghurt & herbs.

Seafood tagine (gf) – $28.50
Prawns, shellfish, squid & fish fillet with chermoula tomato sauce & saffron potatoes.



All Plates – $14.50
Choose from:
• Lamb kefta, mint yoghurt & salad
• Chicken za’atar, baba ganouj & salad
• Chermoula prawns, herbed tahini & salad
• Grilled haloumi, muhammra & salad (v)
• Merguez (lamb sausage), eggplant za’alouk & minted yoghurt



Spinach salad (v,gf) – $14.50
Roasted pumpkin, chickpeas, dates, tomatoes, cucumber & herbs.

Couscous salad (v) – $14.50
Steamed couscous with fresh & roasted seasonal vegetables, apricots & pinenuts.

Fattoush salad (v) – $14.50
With tomato, cucumber, feta, olives, mixed leaves, herbs, sumac & pita crisps.

Beetroot salad (v,gf) – $16.50
Roasted beetroot, shaved fennel, spinach leaves & crumbled feta.

Extras – $7.00 each
• Lamb kefta skewers
• Grilled chicken with za’atar and sumac
• Chermoula prawns
• Grilled haloumi
• Merguez



Sweets Plate – $9.50
Turkish delight, baklava & other selected treats.

Mastic Ice-Cream – $9.50
Weekly flavours served with kataifi wafers.

Chocolate Brownie – $9.50
Served warm with mastic ice-cream.

Almond Pavlova – $12.50
Served with house-made passionfruit ice cream & mango coulis.